Curology Review: Does This Custom Skincare Work?

Curology is a skincare company that provides personalized products based on each customer’s skin type, skin goals, and medical needs. In this review, we delve into each aspect of this brand to help you decide if Curology is worth a shot.


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How Does it Work | Can You Trust Curology? | Pricing | Shipping | Customer Service

The world of skincare is vast, varied, and often overwhelmingly complex. If you’re a newcomer to this realm, it often feels impossible to determine exactly what kind of products, ingredients, and treatment regimens you may need for whatever skin issue you’ve encountered. And if you’re unable or unwilling to visit a dermatologist, sorting through the ins and outs of skincare is all up to you.

At least it was. Fortunately, in this age of modern technology and the rise of telehealth, there’s plenty of alternative options for seeking skincare assistance. One of those alternatives, Curology, is the business we’re going to be discussing today.

What’s Curology? Here’s the rundown: Curology is a customized skincare company that provides a unique, personalized product for each customer based on their skin type, medical history, skin profile, and more. According to their website, Curology uses a blend of only three ingredients in their custom formulas. This blend serves as an all-in-one skincare solution for whatever issue you’re facing.

Curology seems like a dream come true for anyone feeling lost or misguided in their skincare journey—an easy, effective solution that requires minimal effort on your part. Well, today, we’re here to help you decide if Curology is really as good as it sounds. (Spoiler Alert: It is!)

In this review, we’re going to embark on a careful examination of all things Curology, from their products to their prices to their customer service team (and much more).

Committing to a new skincare routine can be hard—that’s why we’re here to help you through it. So, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Read on for our honest, comprehensive review of this new brand.

How Does It Work?

If you’ve never heard the term “Curology” before, you probably have a lot of questions, the first of those questions being, “How does it work, exactly?”

Honestly, it’s pretty simple. It’s just like most other telehealth companies out there. First, we provided some essential information about ourselves and our skin. We took a few pictures of our faces and filled out a questionnaire about our skin health. Then, Curology created our customized formula and sent it straight to our doors.

Curology only requires one bottle—there’s no complicated regimen of 15 different products involved, although you can add more Curology-approved products to your order if you want. All you have to do is apply the formula nightly, and you should begin seeing results (at least that’s what the company claims). The simplicity of this system is one of the biggest appeals of Curology for many people.

Curology works on a subscription system. So, your skincare formula gets delivered to you each month, eliminating the need to run to the store and restock every couple of weeks. We really liked this level of convenience.

That’s the basic outline of how this company works—it’s really not too complicated. Now, let’s delve into the slightly more nuanced portion of the review, where we’ll begin to dissect this brand piece by piece.

Can You Trust Curology?

Naturally, this is the question at the top of everyone’s minds. You don’t want to try out a skincare product that’s going to ruin your skin, right? How can you know if Curology is trustworthy?

Well, first of all, we took a look at their credentials. Curology employs certified dermatologists, which means you will be getting legitimate care—it’s not just some random intern coming up with these formulas. Plus, they provided the option for one-on-one chats with our providers at any time, even after we’ve already started our new skin routine.

In our opinion, this certainly speaks to the trustworthiness of the company. However, we should also take a look at the actual customer reaction to this brand’s products. Curology’s one of the most popular skincare services out there, which means they have thousands of real customers who can and will speak about their experience with the company.

On, a popular third-party review website, Curology has an overall 4.4 out of 5 stars. That’s based on over 1,100 reviews. Moreover, 86% of people recommend the brand. In our experience, review sites like these are the best way to get an accurate read on any company.

Similarly, on Curology’s Facebook page, they boast 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on nearly 2,900 real customers reviews. And people really don’t hold back on Facebook.


Curology Reviews and Ratings
Trust Pilot4.4



If you really want to get into it, take a look at a few of these reviews we’ve pulled. To us, these reviews really speak to the trustworthiness of the brand. For example:

Curology truly changed my life. I have struggled with moderate to severe acne since I was young, and I have tried everything under the sun. Everything from drugstore, to luxury, other medicated products, and DIY “miracle workers “. Nothing worked and definitely not for more than a month or so. Curology is the first product I’ve ever used where I could see a difference month to month not only in my acne, but in the evenness of my skin tone and the overall health of my skin. I shamelessly recommend Curology to every single person who asks!!!! Thank you a million times!

— Hannah, 5/5 Stars,

I am so pleased with this system. The initial quiz was in depth and easy. I was so into skincare and thought I knew what my skin needed without seeing the best results. Curology set me up with my own formula with ingredients I had never thought to try. It’s been working great! I have stopped buying all other skincare and just stick to this which makes it super easy (and saves space 😉 I use the cleanser moisturizer and serum everyday and it’s left my skin so soft, pore less, and clear. I still get some hormonal breakouts during that time of the month, and I use the emergency patches for those. Kinda gross but kinda fun to see what they pull out! Overall I’ve been very impressed, I am excited to continue this system!

— Anonymous, 5/5 Stars,

These reviews from two highly satisfied customers show off the very best of Curology. Indeed, many reviewers express similar sentiments regarding the effectiveness of this brand. To us, this illustrates that Curology’s a legitimate, trustworthy company.

We should note that, while the majority of customers seem to have had positive experiences with Curology, some people have been through the opposite. Certain reviewers have noted that this company’s products didn’t help their skin situation at all.

Although we’d love to see a perfect 5/5 stars on every review, this is simply the nature of skincare. Every person’s skin is unique and requires particular types of treatment. It’s inevitable that Curology wouldn’t be a flawless fit for everyone.

However, generally speaking, we think that these glowing reviews show just how legit Curology really is.


Pricing’s a hugely important factor to consider when it comes to skincare. The cost of high-end products adds up very quickly, especially if your skincare routine consists of many steps. So, let’s examine the cost of Curology to help you decide if it’s worth it.

First things first, we should note one of the biggest perks of Curology—they offer a free 30-day trial for new users. Who doesn’t love free stuff?! All we had to do was cover the shipping, which costs $4.95. So, it’s not technically free, but it’s pretty cheap for a quality skincare product.

After that free trial, you’ll have to start paying. Their prices start at $19.95 per month for a bottle of your custom formula. However, if you’re looking for a cleanser and moisturizer in addition to your prescription, that’ll cost you $29.95.

The Custom Formula | Curology

$19.95/mo – Your Custom Prescription
The Custom Formula | Curology
9/10 Our Score

Your first month of custom skincare is free. After that, pick your plan. Pause or cancel anytime. 

  • Love your formula after 90 days, or get your money back
  • Dermatologist-recommended ingredients
  • Expert support from real medical providers

30-day trial. Just cover $4.95 in shipping + handling

Pricing may vary slightly depending on what types of products you choose and the size of your products. For example, you can order a 2-month supply of your custom formula for $39.90, with shipping included.

Generally speaking, we have to say that these prices are very fair. As we already mentioned, skincare can be quite expensive. Depending on what you’re paying now for your current, Curology may actually save you some money.

The Set | Curology

$29.95/mo – Your Custom Prescription + Cleanser/Moisturizer
The Set | Curology
9/10 Our Score

Your first month of custom skincare is free. After that, pick your plan. Pause or cancel anytime. 

  • Love your formula after 90 days, or get your money back
  • Dermatologist-recommended ingredients
  • Expert support from real medical providers

30-day trial. Just cover $4.95 in shipping + handling

If you try Curology and find that their formula works well for you, we think the price is totally fair and worth every penny.

Finally, there’s one more thing to note—unfortunately, Curology doesn’t accept health insurance. Of course, when you visit the dermatologist, your prescription may end up being covered. On the other hand, store-bought skincare items aren’t. So, all in all, the insurance factor doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of cost.


We can’t discuss cost without talking about shipping. As we’ve already mentioned, Curology does charge for shipping and handling in some cases. Their shipping rate tends to fall at $4.95. However, with certain products (like the 2-month supply option), you will receive free shipping. This is just another factor to consider when formulating your budget.

Now, let’s discuss shipping timelines and reliability. As Curology is a monthly or bi-monthly subscription, we were set up to receive our products on a regular timeline. In our experience, Curology shipments tend to arrive right on schedule. We’ve really never had any issues with shipping.

In fact, there’s one thing we should mention that we love about Curology. They make it super easy to change the delivery date of your order if you’re not ready for your product to arrive yet. In other words, if you still have product leftover by the time your next bottle is supposed to arrive, you can simply request that the delivery is delayed by a week or two. This convenient feature ensures that you don’t waste your product or your money.

Take a look at what one reviewer had to say about shipping on Trustpilot:

I have never ever have had issues with the support team, the packaging or the shipping. I see that most comments have to do with "Karen like" people, please don't let others miss out on the opportunity of having their best healthy looking skin. Thanks curology and the curology team:')

— Perla, 5/5 Stars, Trustpilot

That pretty much sums it up!

Customer Service

Now, let’s discuss an issue that’s important in any industry—customer service.

As we already mentioned, Curology offers one-on-one check-ins with your dermatology provider for active customers. If you have any issues or questions at all, there should be someone available to help. This is an excellent feature that really helped ease our anxiety and doubt as a customer.

Curology lists both an email and a phone number (open to texting) on their website. These are the two resources available to reach their customer service team.

We should note that many customers have left negative reviews of Curology’s customer service. There seems to be a common issue occurring for many people—basically, Curology will continue to send their product even after a customer has tried to cancel (and they’ll continue to charge for it, too).

Naturally, this is a frustrating experience. Many users have noted that, in this situation, they’ve had a hard time reaching customer service, receiving a refund, or even canceling their subscription at all.

Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone. However, it’s certainly a glaring problem to keep in mind. Hopefully, as the company continues to grow, they will determine a more efficient system for dealing with customer service inquiries like these.

Concluding Comments on Curology

So, there you have it—our deep-dive into this innovative skincare company. In case it wasn’t clear, we are big fans of this brand. Like any company, they do have their flaws. However, in our expert opinion, the positives outweigh the negatives. 

Curology is an affordable, effective, and trustworthy skincare company that’s definitely worth a try.


Curology Reviews – Read 1,177 Genuine Customer Reviews |

Curology – Reviews | Facebook

Review of Curology | Trustpilo

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