Geologie Review: Does This Personalized Men’s Skincare Work?

Geologie offers personalized skin care products tailored to each male customer they have. The personal touch is certainly nice, but do their products really work?

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About Geologie | How Does It Work? | Geologie’s Process | Trial Offer | Products | Pros and Cons

The world of men’s health and fitness is filled with tips, tricks, and how-to guides aimed at bringing you to the pinnacle of wellness.

There is no lack of magazine racks full of physique-building advice and meal planning recommendations. 

However, the advice is often one-dimensional. For men, health and wellness advice is usually aimed at muscle-building or strength, which isn’t a bad thing. But health and wellness go well beyond that. 

You will find much fewer magazines and articles related to men’s skincare. In fact, for many, the subject is actually quite taboo, seen as more of a concern for women, far from the thoughts of your standard “manly man.” Skincare products aimed at women far outrank those found for men, both in quantity, and unfortunately, quality. 

One company seeks to change that perception by offering personalized skincare products aimed exclusively at men: Geologie.

Geologie understands that skincare is not just for women, and it shouldn’t be treated as a mere luxury or afterthought for men. 

They also understand that no two men are the same. Every man has his own unique skincare needs, which is why Geologie works to create custom, personalized skincare plans for men, using proven ingredients, formulated by licensed clinicians. 

That goal is certainly worthy of merit and we respect the good intentions.

But the question remains: Does Gelogie’s personalized skincare for men actually work, or is it an idea well-thought but not well-executed?

Here’s our honest take. 

About Geologie

The name should ring a bell for you, though the spelling may be different. Geology is the study of Earth, its structure, substance, and the forces that shaped it.

The name is no mere coincidence — they apply this same principle to men’s skincare. 

No two men are alike. Each has his own preferences, traits, and needs. Geologie takes that uniqueness to heart.

They seek to provide men with a skincare alternative to the one-size-fits-all approach you’ll find in many men’s skincare lines. 

Geologie began their adventure in 2018. Since then, they’ve sought to put to rest many of the misconceptions surrounding men’s skincare:

  • Skincare isn’t really healthcare, is it? 
  • Skincare is too complicated and takes too much time. 
  • I’m a man. Why should I worry about skincare?

These objections are more common than you might think, and Geologie is making great strides in addressing them by providing quality products. 

Let’s take a look at the process. 

How Does the Personalized Treatment Process Work?

We found the initial process to be simple yet personable — it starts with just your name. From there, the skincare quiz is straightforward, asking various questions to help tailor a skincare regimen that’s right for you. 

Here are a few samplings from their skincare questionnaire:

What are you most hoping to find in a new skincare regimen?

Options included answers like: A simple routine, a great price, an effective regimen, and personalized guidance. 

What results would you like to see?

Here we were provided with seven options, including wrinkle reduction, acne reduction, reduction in blemishes or discoloration, less oily skin, smoother or softer skin, sun protection, or simply “not sure.” You can choose more than one. 

From there the quiz asked us specific questions based on our responses, mainly about past skin history, including skin tone and coloration around the eye. 

During the process, we were also asked to submit a photo, in order to help them personalize our skincare regimen. Thankfully, this was optional. Towards the end, we were asked once again about our skincare goals and which were most important to us.  

We also had the opportunity to get more specific as they provide a free text box — this is a nice touch that is lacking in many skincare services of the same kind. From there, diagnostic results were emailed to us. 

What We Liked About the Process

The whole process felt super easy and took less than 2 minutes to complete. Also, while diagnostic results are emailed to you, a personalized regimen based on your skincare quiz results is also made available for you right away at the end of the process.

Personalized skin care results example: 

Regimen #26 – A regimen specifically designed to reduce oiliness, reduce blemishes, and soften and smooth the skin. Five products are included: Everyday Face Wash (2), Vital Morning Face Cream, Repairing Night Cream, and Nourishing Eye Cream. 

Geologie offered 40% off the trial purchase, making this particular regimen $30 for a 30-day trial (which is a fair price for a custom skincare setup).

Geologie also explains in great detail all the products contained in the regimen as well as the full ingredients list. We thought this was a really nice touch.

Many companies are rather shy in being upfront about their full ingredients list. The transparency is a huge plus in our books. 

The results even show you a neat comparison web, featuring severity levels (1-6) of seven different skin goals: redness control, oil control, sensitivity, acne control, sun protection, wrinkle reduction, and under eye correction.

 It shows you your results compared to the average customer, which we have mixed feelings about — you can feel a little better knowing a lot of guys need oil control, but if you score high on the acne control, it ends up being a double-edged sword kind of situation. 

How does the trial offer work?

After your 30-day trial offer, you have the option to continue with your personalized treatment regimen. It costs $45 a month to continue the service and you are billed quarterly, as the regimen usually lasts for 90 days. 

The good news is the trial is 100% risk-free and comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

This is more than can be said for many other personalized skincare services, and we are definitely fans of companies that stand behind their products like this. 

A Closer Look at Geologie’s Skincare Products

The skincare products from Geologie focus on tackling some of the most common skin concerns and issues, namely acne, oily skin, aging (i.e. wrinkles), and dark or puffy under-eyes.

Let’s take some time to look at some of the products and ingredients a little more closely. 

Everyday Face Wash

This seems to be one of Geologie’s standard products and is probably a part of every regimen they recommend since cleansing is a standard of all skincare routines, male or female. 

The Everyday Face Wash comes in both scented and unscented versions. Its main goals are to reduce blemishes and oil control by stripping away dirt and oil buildup.

The main active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid, which is a common ingredient used to combat both acne and blemishes by helping to exfoliate the skin and keep pores clear. 

They recommend using it two times a day

Here is what one customer had to say about the Everyday Face Wash:

This cleanser really works! It cleans off all my face and leaves it feeling smooth and relaxed. A little goes a long way and ever since I switched to Geologie I feel my acne control is better and I don’t breakout as much or at all if anything.

—   Romeo, 5/5 stars on Trustpilot

Custom Control Hair Routine | Geologie

Custom Control Hair Routine | Geologie

Clean Up with the Ultimate Drip Kit

  • Scalp care meets skin care in our Custom Control Haircare line, designed to nourish the scalp and give you healthy hair from roots to ends.
  • A low-foam wash that cleans and conditions the hair AND scalp without stripping good, natural oils.
  • A strengthening shampoo containing lactic acid and vitamin B5 that restores strength, repairs damaged hair and reduces breakage.
  • A strengthening conditioner containing hydrolyzed rice protein, avocado oil and squalane moisturize scalp and hair and leave it easy to manage.
  • Formulated without sulfate, parabens, phthalates, PFO/PFAs, SLS / SLES
  • Cooling:Smells like tea tree oil. Contains menthol for a refreshing, tingly scalp treatment. Great for oilier hair types
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Party Pack
Superclean Body Wash | Geologie

Superclean Body Wash | Geologie

Our Big Sur scent is a big eucalyptus blast that transports you to a misty, spellbound escape amidst towering cliffside forests and fresh, salty air

  • Our Hana scent is deep, musky jasmine and spicy clove jettison you to the shores of Maui's mysterious eastern edge
  • Our Moab scent is bright, citrusy bergamot and crisp desert cedar scents conjure crisp river rapid sprays in red rock ravi,nes and fresh, open skies over wildflower canyons
  • Formulated without artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, PFO/PFAs or SLS/SLEs
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Skincare Bundle
Deluxe Skincare Routine | Geologie

Deluxe Skincare Routine | Geologie

Give the Gift of Stunning Skin

  • Award-winning set of 8 products combining the right set of clinically-proven ingredients
  • Routine only takes two minutes in the morning and two at night
  • Most people see initial results in just a few weeks!
  • Strengthening Conditioner Details
  • Face Wash: Exfoliating cleanser washes away dirt + oil, reduces inflammation
  • Day Cream: Deeply hydrating face cream provides all-day moisture and sun protection
  • Night Cream: Fights aging, acne and oiliness for smoother, younger-looking skin
  • Eye Cream: Tackle dark circles, puffiness + eye bags
  • Vitamin C: Brightens skin, reducing dullness, discoloration + age spots
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Vital Morning Face Cream

The purpose of Geologie’s Vital Morning Face cream is twofold: protection from the elements (the sun) and providing facial hydration. Its active ingredients include SPF 10, giving you a shield against the effects of UV rays, as well as 2% hyaluronic acid, which has been shown to be a key player in skin hydration. 

Niacinamide, a derivative of vitamin B3 (niacin), has been clinically-proven as a topical agent to help:

  • Reduce redness and blotching of the skin.
  • Regulate natural skin oils by retaining moisture and reducing clogging of pores by subcutaneous oils. 

Plus, it acts as an antioxidant, a key player in the fight against oxidative stress (e.g. photodamage). 

Here is another customer review on their experience with Vital Morning Face Cream:

I’ve been using the Vital Morning Face Cream for about a week now, and it feels great putting it on in the morning. My face feels moisturized and protected with the sunblock. Something I’ve done very little of in my life. Excited to see the results as I continue the regimen.

—    Joel, 5/5 stars on Trustpilot

Repairing Night Cream

Repair while you sleep — at least that is the idea behind Geologie’s Repairing Night Cream. It is oil control, acne control, and anti-aging all wrapped into one. The active ingredients seek to battle recurring breakouts and the effects of aging while you are catching your nightly zzzs. 

In addition to the niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, this night cream also contains retinol. This ingredient is basically a synthetic form of vitamin A. It has been shown to help reduce the effects of aging caused by oxidative stress by giving elastin and collagen production a boost.

This customer certainly finds the product effective:

The repairing night cream is essential for a night routine before bed. It clears up blemishes like no other product. Acne, wrinkles, you name it. This product will produce the results you need for clear, smooth skin.

—  Dimron, 5/5 stars on Trustpilot

Nourishing Eye Cream

The Nourishing Eye Cream comes in two forms: Dark & Puffy Under Eye Cream and Under Eye Wrinkle Cream. Both seek to neutralize the effects of aging while also giving you an antidote to the “you look tired” comment.

Once again, you will find hyaluronic acid and retinol listed among the active ingredients. The Dark & Puffy Under Eye Cream also adds kojic acid to the mix of active ingredients, which is a skin-lightening agent that inhibits melanin production and helps to kiss those dark eye circles goodbye. 

How’s this for customer honesty?

I didn’t immediately see results with my baggy, stay puft panda eyes, but after about 2 weeks, I started seeing some progress. My sucky baggy eyes don’t suck as much anymore. Hope the progress continues! 

—     Albert, 5/5 stars on Trustpilot

Geologie Benefits and Drawbacks

There’s a lot we appreciate about Geologie. When we navigated their site and looked at their content and customer reviews, we got the sense that they are trying to do more than just providing personalized skincare for men — they are creating a community.

That is one big thing that sets them apart from the competition, including luxury brands like Lumen. Run-of-the-mill drugstore-type brands lack the personal touch and stick to the one-size-fits-all model. Many premium brands do the same, but they command a higher price tag. Most luxury brands spend too much time on making themselves look exotic or niche – all while demanding the highest prices. 

Here are a few other benefits that stood out to us:

A simple and straightforward process. As noted, the initial process is super easy and painless. You get the sense from start to finish that it is personalized. No gimmicks.

Products are à la carte. In addition to the personalized touch of the recommended regimens, customers also get the option to buy products à la carte if they so choose.

 Discounts for heroes and students. Geologie also offers deep lifetime discounts (30%) for heroes, including verified U.S. and Canadian military, first responders, healthcare workers, and teachers. They also offer a 15% discount for students. Pretty nice perks. 

Geologie drawbacks. To be honest, it was hard to find many drawbacks with Geologie. But, after scouring customer reviews, the most common complaint we saw had to do with ordering and shipping. Some complained that shipping took way too long. Geologie’s website states that shipping in the U.S. is free for orders totaling over $55. However, no shipping times are included, and free shipping (in our experience) usually takes anywhere from 5 to 10 business days for these direct-to-consumer companies.

Even so, the amount of positive customer reviews far outweigh the complaints on this issue. 


In many ways, Geologie has proven that men’s skincare can be more than an afterthought, and their community works hard to erase common misconceptions. 

But, the ultimate question remains: Does Geologie’s personalized skincare for men actually work?

After careful review, we can say in the heartiest manner, we think it does

Their transparency paired with their use of clinically proven ingredients is impressive, not to mention their hundreds of positive customer reviews.

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