Keeps Review: Does This Hair Loss Treatment Actually Work?

The telehealth provider Keeps offers clinically proven FDA-approved hair-loss treatment for men. In this review, we discuss the company's biggest strengths, as well as a few of their weaknesses, to help you decide if Keeps is worth your money.

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Intro to Keeps | Does Keeps Really Work? | Pricing | Customer Service Review | Website Experience | The Verdict

Keeps is a healthcare company that focuses on one issue: men’s hair loss. They offer a selection of medications, both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription-strength, to help men overcome this common issue.

Male pattern baldness affects a large number of men. According to the Keeps website, two out of every three men will experience this condition before the age of 35. That’s nothing to laugh at.

So, if you’ve dealt with hair loss, just remember that you’re not alone. And although it can be embarrassing and frustrating, there’s no need to give up hope just yet.

There are treatment options out there, and Keeps is working to provide affordable, convenient access to those treatments.

It almost seems too good to be true, right? A miracle cure for hair loss? Well, in this article, we’re going to explore every aspect of Keeps, including the effectiveness of their treatment options.

Plus, we’ll discuss their pricing, customer service, website, shipping, and much more.

Read on for everything you need to know before trying out Keeps.

What Is Keeps?

The concept of Keeps is quite simple: it’s a company focused on providing treatment for hair loss. So, what exactly makes Keeps unique?

Keeps stands out amongst its competitors because it’s actually a telehealth company. In other words, they conduct their services entirely online.

You can get a prescription for hair loss medication without ever leaving the house. Keeps’ focus is also primarily on hair, unlike some of it’s competitors in the mens’ wellness category.

Here’s how it works.

You begin the process by picking out your preferred plan. Keeps offers three options:

  • One consists of Finasteride, a daily prescription medication that reduces hair loss along the hairline, vertex, and crown of the head. It’s best for treating receding hairlines.
  • The second option consists of Minoxidil, which comes as either a foam or a solution. This treatment is meant to help men grow thicker, longer hair on the crown and vertex of the head. That’s why it’s ideal for treating thinning at the crown.
  • Finally, the third option consists of both of these medications together. Keeps recommends this solution for men with generally thinning hair.

So, once you review these three treatment options, you get to pick which one will work best for you. If you’re not sure, you can turn to one of Keeps’ expert physicians for advice.

All you have to do is answer some questions and provide a few pictures of your hair, and they will recommend a treatment plan that will best suit your needs.

When you finally settle on a plan, you place an order for a three-months supply of medication. Every three months, you’ll receive a new shipment of your products at home.

Over the course of your treatment, you can always refer to your physician for advice and support. If you find that your current treatment isn’t getting results, you can easily alter or cancel your order.

They do note that hair loss treatment can take up to 4-6 months to see results, so it is recommended to wait until that initial timeline is complete before you cancel. 

There you have it—a straightforward, streamlined way to obtain hair-loss treatment. Now, only one question remains: does Keeps truly live up to the hype? Is it as good as it sounds?

Read on for our analysis of all the key details of this company.

Does Keeps Treatment Really Work?

Surely, this is the first question that comes to mind as you read about Keeps for the first time. It seems like a great solution, but does the treatment actually work? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Firstly, we should state that the medications offered by Keeps are all FDA-approved. This means that they have been proven to be safe and effective. Finasteride and minoxidil are the only medications approved by the FDA for hair loss.

So, in this sense, Keeps is totally legit.

Moreover, according to the Keeps FAQ page, the founders of Keeps worked with two of the world’s leading hair-loss experts to develop the company.

The fact that Keeps is backed by science and medical experts is another reassuring component of the company.

In our experience, Keeps is a safe and easy way to prevent hair loss and promote thicker hair.

We have found their treatment options to be highly effective.

Of course, Keeps’ hair loss treatment may not work for every single person who tries it. For whatever reason, the medications just don’t work out for certain men.

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However, for the most part, Keeps customers tend to have a positive experience with the service. Let’s take a look at some real reviews of the brand:

“I’ve used the shampoos, foams and many other over the counter products. 

Nothing seemed to help. I did feel like giving up and for years I did. Then I saw the crown of my head go completely bald. I saw an ad for Keeps and decided why not try one more time. Within two months I saw visible results and wow, my confidence has jumped significantly. I believe in this product, I love the support team, they answer any and all questions quick. If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the same boat I was, give it a shot. I promise you won’t regret it.”

— Devin, Consumers Advocate

“Great company, great pricing and a great product! I tried Rogaine in the past for over 2 years with no success. Stopped trying for over a year then saw an AD for Keeps and saw the start up pricing and gave it a shot. So happy I did. Within 3 months of using Keeps I noticed regrowth, no shedding, just regrowth and a lot of it. The product speaks for itself, it’s easy to apply it’s easy to keep up with and it’s practically foolproof with the measured dropper they send with each auto delivery… KEEPS HAS BEEN A HUGE CONFIDENCE BOOSTER”

— Chuck, Consumers Advocate

Clearly, these customers were thrilled with their results. These positive reviews alone are enough to convince anyone that this service is worth a shot.


Undoubtedly, before signing up, there’s more to think about beyond just the effectiveness of the treatment. One major consideration is the cost of the service.

Here’s the deal: at Keeps, subscription plans may cost as low as $10 a month. This is the cost of Minoxidil solution (also called generic Rogaine).

Minoxidil in its foam form costs $15 per month, and a Finasteride (generic Propecia) prescription runs for $25 per month.

Keeps also offers Ketoconazole shampoo for $10/month, as well as thickening shampoo and conditioner for $22 each per month.

We should note that, with a Keeps subscription, you must receive your products in three-month increments.

MedicationProductFeaturesBuy Now
Get started for as low as $8 a month


Minoxidil is a topical solution that slows down hair loss and even promotes hair regrowth at the crown of your head. When it's consistently applied twice a day to the scalp, it can help you maintain a fuller head of hair.

$10/mo after initial discount. 


Buy Now
Get started for as low as $8 a month


Finasteride is a prescription pill that’s taken daily. It works by blocking the production of DHT, a hormone that causes male pattern baldness. This FDA-approved treatment has been proven to prevent the spread of receding hairlines and boost hair regrowth.

After initial discount, $25/mo.

Buy Now
3 Month Bundle
Finasteride & Minoxidil | Keeps

Finasteride & Minoxidil | Keeps

Get started for as a low as $8/mo with initial discount. 

Buy Now
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Likewise, you’ll pay for those products every three months. So, for example, a three-month supply of Finasteride pills will cost $75 (although, notably, your first three months only costs $50). 

Compared to its competitors, Keeps is actually one of the least expensive options. For example, take a look at the cost of the same products from Hims.

A one-month supply of Minoxidil costs a minimum of $22 from Hims. By contrast, the same medication goes for $10-$15 from Keeps.

We should mention that Hims does offer a slightly larger variety of products than Keeps. For example, Hims has Biotin gummies and a Finasteride and Minoxidil spray.

While this varied selection of options can be a major plus, it doesn’t quite make up for the difference in cost. If you’re looking for the less expensive choice, Keeps is certainly the way to go.

Customer Service

When choosing a telehealth company, it’s important to consider a lot more than just price alone. What if you find that you have an issue with your order, or you want to make a change to your subscription? You’re going to want excellent customer service support. 

Well, in terms of customer service, Keeps offers all of the standard support options. You can contact their team through email, instant-messaging, or over the phone.

According to their website, the customer service team is available Monday through Friday, 10am – 6pm EST.

Beyond these standard forms of contact, Keeps also offer free, 24/7 messaging with their licensed doctors. If you prefer, you can also speak to a doctor over the phone.

In our experience, having the opportunity to speak with an expert at any time is a huge relief. If you’re nervous about trying out a new medication, just knowing that you have access to a doctor can be very comforting.

However, although we have personally had an overall positive experience with Keeps support, we should note that some customers have left negative reviews about the customer support team.

More specifically, a fair number of users have complained that the company makes it very difficult to cancel a monthly subscription. 

  • Subscription disclaimer: We just wanted to point out a quick note regarding our reviews of the many telehealth services and companies that offer subscription products. We see this complaint across all companies that offer subscription products in most of the negative reviews. Even outside of telehealth and health products, generally this is a complaint with subscription products and services. Many people simply don’t understand or read the fine print with subscription products. We personally have been there ourselves! We encourage you to fully understand and read the fine print with the subscription product before you buy. 

Obviously, this is a concern. Although the majority of customers have not experienced his issue, it does seem to be quite prevalent in negative reviews.

This is certainly something to keep in mind before you commit to Keeps. Our advice is to make sure you understand the subscription product before buying.


Now, let’s discuss shipping. For any telehealth company that sends its medications via mail, shipping is an important factor to consider. In the case of Keeps, shipping costs $3 per order.

While it may be disappointing not to receive totally free shipping, just remember that each shipment contains a three-month supply of your products.

So, if you do the math, that means you’re really only paying $1 per month for shipping. In our book, that’s not too bad.

According to the Keeps website, your first order should take less than two weeks to arrive. In other words, the entire process of consulting with a doctor, receiving a prescription, and placing an order falls within that time frame.

Then, once you begin your subscription, you’ll receive your regular shipment every three months. In our experience, the shipping timeline is very reliable. 

We love the fact that we don’t have to worry about re-ordering products each month or visiting the pharmacy in person.

Website Review

Finally, let’s discuss one final aspect of the Keeps company: their website.

When you first open up their home-page, it’s clean-cut and visually pleasing. There’s tons of information about the service itself, as well as the details of hair loss issues and the medications Keeps offers. In this sense, it’s quite informative.

Beyond that, Keeps has a huge FAQ page with an extensive inventory of info. The search bar makes it really easy to type in any question and almost immediately find an answer. We have nothing to complain about there.

As we discuss the website, there is one potential downside to the site that we should mention. We (and many others) have found that Keeps is not very straightforward about the side effects of the medications they offer.

Although the side effects are listed on the site, they are not in a prominent location. Rather, you really have to dig through a solid amount of information to find that info.

For many people, this is a concern because Finasteride and Minoxidil can have some serious side effects. In our opinion, the company should make that known from the beginning.

Of course, this is not to say that they completely ignore the potential side effects of these drugs.

You can find them somewhere on the site, and it’s very likely that your Keeps doctor will inform you about those side effects during your virtual appointment.

So, all in all, it’s not the end of the world—just one small thing that Keeps could change.

Is Keeps Worth Your Money?

So, now we return to the most pressing question about this company: is Keeps actually worth it? 

In general, we have to say yes! 

Keeps offers FDA-approved medications at a relatively low cost. If you suffer from hair loss and you’re looking to try out a telehealth provider, Keeps is one of the most affordable options.

Although they may have a few issues to sort out, we still think that Keeps is worth a shot. 

References, Studies and Sources:

We are committed to providing our readers with only trusted resources and science-based studies with regards to medication and health information. 

Disclaimer: This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you suspect medical problems or need medical help or advice, please talk with your healthcare professional.

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