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Discovering health and wellness information is a breeze. It’s widely available. However, locating reliable, pertinent, and practical information can be challenging and even daunting. is revolutionizing that experience. We’re making health information comprehensible and accessible, empowering you to make the finest choices for yourself and the people you cherish. READ MORE ABOUT OUR PROCESS HERE.

The Origin of Acme Health, USA Rx, and

Acme Health was officially created in early 2021, however, has been a collection of consumer health media properties for 10+ years. Acme Health was incorporated in San Juan, Puerto Rico when USA Rx was acquired by Acme Health. The USA Rx brand still lives within, which was created in late 2022 to become a trusted consumer resource for prescription medication.

Our mission at Acme Health is to continue to build resources and brands that deliver trustworthy and accurate health information and products to consumers and businesses.

Our initial portfolio contains several disruptive brands and products in the digital health space.

Our growing team of healthcare experts work everyday to create accurate and informative health content in addition to the keeping you up to date on the latest news and research.

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