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Do you have 1-3 hrs a week to build a side business that can earn you a 15-30% INCREASE in your yearly income? 

We teach, guide and show you exactly how. This is the real professional education you have been searching for.

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Introducing The Ultimate Professional Education for Pharmacists

Our membership gives you the tools, training, and products for you to start a part time business (side hustle) in medical writing for the public.

You can learn starting DAY 1 and be up and running your part-time business in less than a month.

The best part, we show you how to do it all and show you exactly how we created our own businesses that generate $$,$$$/mo.

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Multiple top training courses from the best Pharmacists instructors, Lifetime access to an AI writing tool, Portfolio accelerator to gain experience and credibility in less than a month, Access to paying part-time opportunities through our writing agency, Experts.Ink.

  • Training and Coaching for building a professional online profile on LinkedIn, Contently, and more.
  • 10+ hours of training videos & a Certificate of Completion from the Top Udemy Medical Content and Writing Instructor, Alex Evans, PharmD and Virginia Chachati, MPharm.
  • A portfolio accelerator with the Acme Health Network to boost up your experience fast!
  • Training and Coaching for building in freelance channels: Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn
  • Instant opportunities to start to working and earning with our writing agency, Experts.Ink.

Our Top Pharmacy Instructors

Top Pharmacy Instructors from Udemy. 

Over 10+ hours of course instruction in Medical Writing, Healthcare Job Search, Excel in Healthcare, and more.

Alex Evans, PharmD, MBA


Virginia Chachati, MPharm


Chris Riley, CFA

Instructor & Operator

Pharmacists.org Membership Benefits

Join the Pharmacists.org Membership and expand your career possibilities using the expertise you already have!

Access to coaching and training from our staff get you up to speed with content writing, reviewing and medical fact checking.

Resources in Coaching and Training Include:

  • Member Access to Videos and Training Materials for Medical Writing and Reviewing from top Udemy Pharmacist Instructors
  • 2 Exclusive Courses on Job Search in Healthcare and Mastering Excel for Healthcare
  • A new course on Chat GPT and AI Tools to Help you with medical writing
  • Over 10+ hours of video instruction on how to build
  • Member Access to Videos and Training for setting up a public professional profile on social media
  • Member Access to Experts.Ink – our Marketing Collective
  • Member Access to instantly start publishing and reviewing articles in the Acme Health Network.

Our Membership mission is to open the doors to build on the expertise that you already have in pharmacy. Specifically in establishing yourself as a Medical Writing and Reviewing freelancer AND iPharmacy marketing earner.

  • Members get 10 published articles across the Acme Health portfolio
  • Members get 10 reviewed articles across the Acme Health portfolio
  • Members gain access to discounted rates for membership and associations within the Medical Writing community. 
  • Members will have a published PR released within the first 2 months of becoming a member. 
  • Members will have access to Experts.Ink and other agencies in our network for lined up work. 

Overcoming Objections... Why it makes sense to purchase TODAY

Objection 1: “I have a full-time job that is very demanding, I don’t have time to do this” 

Our video training course makes it easy to learn on your own time AND fit into your own schedule. On average, it takes new members just 1-3 hrs a week to start learning Medical Writing. While you are learning, we help you with all the extras. Trust us when we say that most new members quickly shed this objection in the first couple of days, especially as money starts to come in.

Objection 2: “I already make enough at my full time pharmacy job, why do I need to put in effort to make more?” 

What a great position to be in — your hard work has paid off. However, nothing is certain and should be taken for granted. What is in front of you today in your career or job might be different 5 years from now, both personally or changes in your work environment with what the future holds. Securing new skills that can earn you money in any economy, in any industry, is an investment worth making no matter your age or economic status.

Objection 3: “I have no clue about Medical Writing or Reviewing, I’m not even a good writer to begin with… this is definitely not for me.” 

With our training program, you learn the basics first. We have an entire course on Medical Writing for beginners. From this foundation, we guide and help you continue to learn the skills you need to start to feel comfortable publishing content on your own. In addition, with today’s tools available, you can create fantastic articles and amazing digital ads in a couple hours a day while earning hundreds from doing so. 

FAQs about the Membership

I have a full time pharmacy job, do I have enough time for this?

Yes, we only require a couple of hours a week to get started and it is completely on your own time. The virtual training for medical writing is just over 10 hrs.

I'm a beginner in terms of medical writing, reviewing, and editing. Does this membership make sense for me?

Don’t worry. With our training, coaching sessions, and slack newsletters, we bring you up to speed quickly and get you on your way to building your medical writing business.

What type of Medical Writing does the membership focus on?

Medical writing for the public is our focus. Specifically, medical writing for the public crafted and optimized for search results on google (SEO optimized). It is also important to realize the jobs associated with this type of medical work are generally done for a “for-profit” health company.

My personal preference is to not write for "for-profit" health companies and just for my own blogging experience, is this for me?

That is absolutely your choice and we respect that. Yes, our membership still will provide you valuable insights and training. However, our accelerated portfolio builder likely won’t help since our network of web properties is all “for profit” health companies.

Do you help train and optimize writing for SEO? What if I don't know anything about SEO?

Not to worry – that actually is one of our specialities and can show you everything you need to know for optimizing articles for SEO. In today’s content marketing world, you must have the basics in SEO if you want to become a freelance medical writer writing for the public (web).

I really don't have a online footprint, could I still apply for the membership?

Yes, we will help you build a profile that will enable you to get freelance positions in the future. However, you must be willing to have a public profile if you want to grow into a medical writing and reviewing opportunity. 

I am currently a pharmacy student, would the membership make sense for me?

Absolutely. We also have a discount if you apply as a student.

Is there any guarantee here that this will work?

While nothing is guaranteed, we will guarantee that if you put in the work, we will work with you all the way so that you can start earning referral and marketing income, medical writing and reviewing income, and member rewards.

If I really do not have any time for part time work, does this membership make sense for me?

This membership alone will not instantly turn on the passive income stream for you. There is work involved, especially on the content and writing side. You must be willing to put in a few hours a week.

I have experience in Medical Writing, does this membership make sense for me?

Yes, absolutely. Our training program can help fill in any gaps and our portfolio builder can accelerate the time until you are hired by a freelancer or business seeking Medical Writing for the public. 

Want to learn more?

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