Our membership gives you the toolstraining, and products for you to start a part time business (side hustle) in medical writing for the public.

You can learn starting DAY 1 and be up and running your part-time business in less than a month.

The best part, we show you how to do it all and show you exactly how we created our own businesses that generate $$,$$$/mo.

The Ultimate Deal: Thousands of Dollars of Value for just $99.99

Multiple top training courses from the best Pharmacists instructors, Lifetime access to an AI writing tool, Portfolio accelerator to gain experience and credibility in less than a month, Access to paying part-time opportunities through our writing agency, Experts.Ink.

  • Training and Coaching for building a professional online profile on LinkedIn, Contently, and more.
  • 10+ hours of training videos & a Certificate of Completion from the Top Udemy Medical Content and Writing Instructor, Alex Evans, PharmD and Virginia Chachati, MPharm.
  • A portfolio accelerator with the Acme Health Network to boost up your experience fast!
  • Training and Coaching for building in freelance channels: Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn
  • Instant opportunities to start to working and earning with our writing agency, Experts.Ink


Learn & Earn with the Membership

Do you have 1-3 hrs a week to build a side business that can earn you a 15-30% INCREASE in your yearly income? 

We teach, guide and show you exactly how. This is the real professional education you have been searching for.

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